Western Balkans: Be a part of Nature – Western Balkans Reunion

This activity is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Western Balkans and is open to Sweden alumni, students of Scandinavian languages and everyone interested in the UN Agenda 2030 and Swedish culture.

“Be Part of Nature” has become SANWB’s most recognisable brand which this year bears the slogan “Western Balkan Reunion”, since it will be organised for the first time regionally.
The idea is to repeat the best activities from previous “Be Part of Nature” events but this time in English with the main aim to strengthen links between network members over the region and to promote cross-border and regional collaboration on some common issues such as sustainable development, protection of biodiversity, importance of bees, female entrepreneurship, intergenerational cooperation and clean energy.

As always, the main focus will be on the UN Agenda 2030 and talks about its Sustainable Development Goals, while during the breaks, the participants will enjoy freshly baked cinnamon rolls and local crafts delicates.
Our venue, Deliblato Sands (the European Sahara) is the largest continental sandstone in Europe, spanning an incredible area of over 300 square kilometers. Special Natural Reserve is a unique phenomenon characterised by forest-steppe vegetation mosaically distributed on a pronounced dune relief and one of the most important habitats of birds and plants in Europe.

You can see what it looked like at some of the previous events at the following links:
1) July 25, 2019: Be Part of Nature 2019:
pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10218844028833675&type=3

2) July 26, 2020: Be Part of Nature 2020 – It’s Time for Eco-Transition:
pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10222586287147794&type=3

3) August 23, 2020: Female Entrepreneurship Western Balkans:
pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10222841425286088&type=3

Venue: Day 1: Agricultural farm “Vojnov”, Village Dolovo, City of Pancevo, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. Day 2: A hostel in Belgrade, Serbia.