Turkey, Ankara: Eco Fika

This activity is organised by Sweden Alumni Network Ankara Chapter and is open to Sweden alumni. 

Sweden Alumni Network Ankara Chapter invites you to a special meeting “Eco Fika” in Ankara at HiltonSA Hotel on October 27th, Wednesday, 18:00-20:00.

Eco Fika is Swedish organic fika plus a discussion forum on sustainability. Join us and enjoy a wonderfully tasty Swedish fika. Raising awareness of our choice of food, and its effect on climate will be the discussion topic of the Eco Fika.

The event will take place indoors with Covid-19 measures with a limited number of people.

We are very happy and excited to meet physically again! Please join us to have delicious Eco Fika with Sweden Alumni in Ankara. Capacity is limited so hurry!  Click below for event details and registration.

Preliminary programme details:

18:00-18:40 Welcome speech and introduction

18:40-18:50 Short information about eco fika concept and quiz cards. Forming small groups.

18:50- 19:00 Break

19:00- 19:55 Group discussions

19:55-20:00 Closing Speech

Contact: Umut Şener