This event is organised by Sweden Alumni Network Georgia and is open to all Sweden alumni. 

Sweden Alumni Network Georgia invites you to a workshop on ‘Alternative Ways of Dispute Resolution (ADR) & the Role of Women in Mediation’.

Most part of the society, including lawyers, is unaware of the current reality, advantages and disadvantages of Court Mediation and its challenges. Lack of information leads to more mistrust rather than confidence in this institution. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness on the Mediation Institute, the legislative framework, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as deliver practical and relevant information to participants.

The first certified mediators in Georgia, Tatia Kvrivishvili and Goga Kikilashvili, will lead the workshop together with invited mediation experts.

Date: 7 March
Time: 10:30 am
Venue: The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel, 29 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia
Contact: Tatia Kvrivishvili
Registration: Register here