This event is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Georgia, and is open to alumni from Visby and Baltic Sea Region countries.

Sweden Alumni Network Georgia is planning to organize a 2 days intensive project VISBY Region Alumni Leaders Forum.

The event is organized for board members of SI or Sweden Alumni Networks, but active members of networks are also welcome.

Forum aims to discuss issues regarding alumni network launching and governance as well as topics that alumni networks’ activities refer to, such as: trans-border scientific and academic cooperation perspectives, youth (18-35 years) involvement in publicly relevant activities, democracy and governance – youth engagement in policy making.

Delegates of the event may be alumnus of Visby and Baltic Sea Region countries.

Date: 14-15 November
Time: 1:00 pm
Venue: TBC
Contact: Goga Kikilashvili / Davit Mikeladze
Registration: Register here