One day seminar aims to increase awareness on SDGs and promote engagement of society in implementing SDGs. It highlights the role of education in achieving the targets for a sustainable planet. This one day seminar will be focused on the role of global and quality education for all and will discuss the rights and responsibilities of youth as global citizens and what role an empowered youth can play in achieving SDG’s.

The seminar will be attended by students, SI alumnus, NGOs (including those working on minority and disabled people issues), International Organizations, Academia and other relevant agencies dedicated to SDGs issues. The seminar aims to enhance understanding of the SDGs and the role of education, followed by discussion of how to integrate the goals into our future activities.

The seminar strives to:
• Jointly discuss existing perspectives and recent developments
• Allow an exchange between various bodies, stakeholders, participants on how to best cooperate for the promotion of SDGs;
• Identify challenges and provide a space for the exchange of information and experiences between experts and the audience on the role of global and quality education for all
• Provide a platform for discussion on key priorities, best practices and possible future developments at national level.
• Promote discussion among the participating experts from various organsiation, including from civil society organisations and private sectors, to analyse the main obstacles elaborate recommendations for further activities.

This event is organised by the SI Alumni Network Georgia. For more information and registration, please contact Natia Tsikaradze.