Sweden Talks: Fashion for the future

What is sustainable fashion? And how do we move towards a more sustainable fashion industry? For this Sweden Talk we welcome the lecturer and author Johanna Leymann, who will guide us through the concept of Slow Fashion. The talk will provide us with knowledge about the fashion industry’s climate and sustainability challenges and will give us tips and tricks on how to make our own fashion habits more sustainable.  Join us for an hour of inspiration – we hope this talk will leave you determined to work for a better fashion future!

Photo: Linnéa Jonasson Bernholm

Johanna Leymann is a lecturer, author and influencer with more than 15 years of experience of sustainable fashion. She runs the Instagram account @johannaleymann.se, the podcast Slowfashionpodden and writes at johannaleymann.se. She has also written several books on the topic, is co-founder of Kimatklubben and was elected Sweden’s Second Hand Profile of the Year in 2019. 



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