Serbia: SEtalks #4 – Development of social entrepreneurship ecosystem

Swedish meeting culture

This event is organised by Young Ambassadors Serbia in collaboration with SI and is open to young people from WB countries – participating in SAYP program

Building a conducive eco-system for development of social entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for social enterprises to realize their role. Enabling system fosters social innovation, growth of social enterprises, and maximizes their impact and contribution to transformational change paving the way for significantly improving the wellbeing of people. No social enterprise operates in a vacuum. Many interdependent systems, institutions, and networks enable social enterprises to flourish.

If you would like to start our own social enterprise, you should be aware on the importance of knowing how to navigate the SE ecosystem.

Join us at SEtalks #4 where we will discuss several topics:
– Current situation and what can be done for improvement
– Key actors for SE ecosystem development
– National and international networks and its importance
– Development of ecosystem in WB countries and Sweden – similarities and differences

Our speakers will be:
– Marie Löwegren, PhD, Senior Lecturer at Lund University
– Neven Marinović -Director of Smart Kolektiv and President of Euclid Network (Serbia)
– Aleksandra Iloska, Researcher at Association for Research, Communications and Development “Public”

The discussion will be moderated by Snežana Andrić, President of Young Ambassadors (Serbia) and Stefan Chichevaliev, Executive Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory (North Macedonia).

Webinar will be in English and available through the Zoom platform.


We have launched the series of public discussions “SEtalks” with an aim to bring closer the social entrepreneurship field to new and upcoming entrepreneurs and innovators, to motivate young people to get involved in businesses with values which produce social impact.

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