Pancevo (Dolovo): Be part of nature

This event is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Western Balkans and is open to all Sweden alumni.

In order to preserve nature and its protected areas which present the national treasure of each country, it is necessary to effectively get people involved and engaged in educational processes promoting the importance of environmental protection, as well as in transferring practical knowledge and sustainable ideas to future generations.

The event’s main target groups are Sweden alumni and students of Scandinavian languages ​​located in Serbia. Still, anyone interested in the event is welcome to join us in Belgrade and travel with us to the place. Note, however, that the accommodation and transport costs are not covered.

“Deliblato Sands” Special Natural Reserve is located around 40 km from Belgrade and it is one of the last oases in this part of Europe and presents natural habitat of numerous plants and animal species.

The aim of the event is to:
• increase the awareness about the importance of the environment preservation and biodiversity;
• promote the potential of the natural reserves;
• promote organic-food production;
• develop some sustainability-related practical skills.

Within the one-day event, the following workshops and activities are planned:
1. guided tour of the Special Nature Reserve “Deliblato Sands” – introduction to the history and importance of Deliblato Sands, its flora and fauna;
2. visit to traditional households “In harmony with nature”; craft and organic food production;
3. workshop: “Organic food production in the service of biodiversity and health”. How to make your own organic garden?
4. workshop: “Health is in the nature” – getting acquainted with medicinal herbs of Deliblato Sands and sustainable honey production – “Save Bees”;
5. workshop: “Why is it important to recycle?” – the ecological role of an individual in society;
6. visit of the largest wind farm in Serbia “Čibuk 1” – Renewable energy sources;
7. conclusions – new ideas and the model of their implementation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development in the participants local communities – “Think globally, act locally;
8. socializing in nature, tasting organic and traditional craft products;
9. projection of documentaries on ecology and sustainable rural development – “Open Cinema”.

Contact: Milan Stojanovic