Online: Send Off Event


This event is organised by Alumni Swedia and is open to newly admitted students and Alumni Swedia members.

After a series of pre-departure webinars from the Embassy of Sweden in May and June 2020, a lot of newly admitted students who have accepted their offer from the Swedish universities and will start their education in Autumn this year still have many questions about life and study in Sweden. To accommodate new student’s needs for a more in-depth discussion, Alumni Swedia will hold another pre-departure webinar with a more casual setting. In this event, alumni and new students will discuss their experience and expectation on the study and live in Sweden so that new students can have better preparation and smoother adjustment with the new environment. This event also serves as the first introduction of Alumni Swedia to the newly admitted students with the intent that later after completing the study, they will join and strengthen the alumni network.

The main purpose of this event is to give a chance to the new students to know more about the life in Sweden that they will soon face and to inspire them on various opportunities that they can have after completing the study. The alumni will share about things they need to know and prepare before leaving to Sweden, from the general ones to the simple life hacks. The alumni will also share about:

  1. Their early days in Sweden: how they adapted to Swedish life, the culture shock they experienced, and how they handled it
  2. The study years in Sweden: what to expect during the studies, the day-to-day university life, and other activities they can do to make the most out of their time in Sweden
  3. The life after study in Sweden: how master study in Sweden improves their career when they get back to Indonesia and opens new possibilities such as the opportunity to work or continue a PhD/doctoral study in Sweden.


Date: 18 July
Time: 1pm
Venue: Zoom –
Contact: Yasmin Nabila
Registration: Register here