This event is organised by Sweden Alumni Network Georgia and is open to everyone. 

The Sweden Alumni Network Georgia starts a series of online meetings with alumni. The purpose of these meetings is to keep in touch and strengthen our alumni community as well as to understand how alumni cope with the current challenges caused by Covid-19, what their suggestions and recommendations are to respond to these challenges from personal, professional and societal perspectives. Meetings will also give an opportunity to fellow alumni and wider public to discover about invited speakers’ experience of studying in Sweden, lessons learned and positive impact on their career progression.

First meeting will take place this Friday, May 15, and our guest will be Sulkhan Saladze, Chairperson of Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA). Sulkhan attended Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) module on Public Administration and Management – Transparency and Pubic Sector Reform. Summer Academy was organized by Swedish Institute (SI) and held at Lund University in 2015. Sulkhan will tell us about his experience of participating in the summer academy and how he applied the acquired knowledge in his work. Audience will also get to know Sulkhan from a different angle, not from his work-related and professional perspective but we will hear about Sulkhan’s hobbies, personal life story and his path to success. We will also hear his recommendations of keeping productive in conditions of lockdown due to Covid-19.  

Date: 15 May
Time: 5pm
Venue: Zoom –
Contact: Davit Mikeladze
Registration: Register here: