This event is organised by SI alumni Maryna Henrysson and Pavel Makhnatch and is open to Sweden alumni as well as the general public, companies, NGOs and media.

Curious about Global Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability of Water? Would like to make an impact? Join us on 26th of May and be part of ideation and co-creation together with like-minded yet not thinking alike people. We welcome you to engage in hands-on interactive activities and explore potential solutions for sustainable water use and consumption. This co-creation lab event will bring together Sweden alumni, university students, representatives from IT-industry, non-profit organisations, media and sustainability experts.

The event will start with an introductory talk that will bring everyone up to speed on ideation and inventive problem-solving methods. We will test those in practice during a follow-up co-creation lab session. After, you will have a chance to discuss your ideas and solutions.

There are no small steps in inspiring actions towards sustainable future for all. Learn, create and bring your ideas to life together with SI Alumni network and Center for Environmental Solutions!

10:15 Doors open and morning fika is served.
10:30 Opening: purpose and agenda.
10:40 Introducing the theme: Critical role of water in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.
11:00 Introducing the process: Ideation method.
11:15 Practicing ideation: Embedding sustainability considerations into strategies.
13:00 Lunch break.
13.30 Dialogue: Everyone must step up and do their part!
14:15 Looking ahead: what can we do together?
14:30 Mix and mingle.
15:00 Presentation “Engaging Outreach and Dissemination Strategies”.
15:30 Presentation “Water and SDG in Belarus: Overview of critical issues.”
16:00 Closing remarks.

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