The SI Network in Ukraine is proud to invite you to a workshop on  “Clean water and remediation technologies. Focus on Chornobyl disaster and anthropogenic pollution” in partnership with the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NAS of Ukraine (ICBGE) and the Radiobiological Society of Ukraine (RSU)

The program will include keynote speakers, speakers, young scientists’ presentations, presentations from Ukrainian SI Alumni, on-line presentations, reporter speech.

Accepted abstracts will be electronically published via the workshop website in the abstract book by the beginning of the workshop.

The workshop will cover different areas:

  • water resources in Ukraine and Europe
  • radioactive pollution of waters including contamination from Chornobyl disaster
  • chemical and other anthropogenic pollution in waters
  • biological and health effects of polluted waters
  • water biodiversity
  • clean water and sanitation, including purification and remediation technologies
  • agriculture and sustainable water management
  • water resources and global climate changes
  • international cooperation in decision of water problems


To participate in the workshop it is necessary until March, 20, 2019:

– to fill a registration form on

– to send an electronic abstract prepared according to the text style requirements on to e-mail of organizing committee

Participation in the seminar is free of charge!

Participants will have an opportunity to meet Swedish Institute alumni who will share the knowledge about water cleaning and sanitation in Sweden. Their personal research, study, and intercultural exchange experiences, knowledge about the possibilities of studying and doing research in Sweden will be great opportunity for young scientists and students.

You may find more information about the workshop at or contact: Dr. Nataliia Kutsokon, secretary of the workshop via

We will be glad to see you at our workshop!