This event is organised by SI Alumni Network Pakistan and is open to everyone.

The garments that you are tired of or that no longer fit will make new and fun clothing for someone else. The life of the clothes will be extended and together we contribute to a better environment. Clear your wardrobe of perfectly good clothes that you no longer use. Bring them to Re-dress and leave with an equal number of new clothes, completely free of charge. It couldn’t get any better, for you or for the environment.

The event will include:

  • a session at upcycling the old clothes with screen printing
  • talk with a textile industry expert to understand how fast fashion is damaging environment
  • Clothes Swapping opportunity (exchange with other stylish clothes)

Date: 21 September
Time: 3:00 pm
Venue: National Incubation Center, NED University, Karachi
Contact: Sonal Dhanani
Registration: Contact Sonal by e-mail or phone number +923338787098.

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