This event is organised by Sweden Alumni Network India – Kerala chapter and is open to everyone.

The Kerala chapter invites you to an SDG event with the theme “Sustainable Development in the Context of Global Climate Changes”, organized in assocoation wih M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation – Agro-biodiversity Centre, Kalpetta. The event will be a two day seminar inviting the most suitable experts in the field to present papers on the different aspects of the theme leading to practical suggestions on what can be done to ensure sustainable development without harming the environment.

Intellectuals, community leaders and youth representatives will be invited to participate in the event.

Programme (preliminary)
The two day prograrmme will have four paper presentations on the following topics:

29 November
1. Defining Sustainable Development
2. Causes of Climate Change

30 November
3. Can Development and Climate Action go together?
4. What practical things can we do to bridge the gap between the two?
5. In addition we will have group discussions and question answer sessions.

The aim is to provide alumni and other participants with a better insight into the dicotomy of sustainable development and conservation of the environment.

Date: 29-30 November
Time: 9:30 am
Venue: The Grand Banyan resort, Wayanad District, Kalpetta, Kerala State
Contact: Francis P D, Secretary SANI Kerala Chapter
Registration: Register here