The Plastic Free Week Challenge is held for all Sweden Alumni Networks in the world 26 October – 1 November, and SWAN Japan will also take part in the challenge! We hope that you will join us as we try life in Japan without plastic for 7 days.

To join this challenge, please register here by 25 October :

We will give you a small gift if you register for the challenge above and share your challenge on our Facebook group!

Prior to the challenge, we will hold an online kickoff event on 25 October. We are very excited to share creative ideas with you and put our minds together to come up with new ones. A speaker from the Embassy of Sweden will join us and talk about Swedish sustainability. Please register for the kickoff event below by 23 October!

What is Plastic Free Week challenge?

Simply put, we eliminate all plastic from our lives for one week and share our progress with fellow-members (in the Facebook group). If you don’t want to share photos or ideas, that is of course completely okay! The point is that we all make a conscious effort to live plastic free (and that can be quite tricky!)

What do I need to do to join?

Nothing! Just register for the online kickoff event and come as you are. You can still join the challenge even if you can’t make it for the kickoff event, but we recommend that you come so that you get the best start possible.

Why is SWAN holding this event?

The purpose of the Plastic Free Week is to create awareness around how much plastic we are in contact with every day and explore ways to avoid it.