Japan: Let’s Talk about Democracy!

This activity is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Japan and is open to SWAN members.

Democracy is fundamental for Swedish and Japanese societies. And for democracy, participation to politics and ensuring transparency are critical. Voting rate of over 80% to the national election in Sweden represents high interests in politics of the citizens. Dating back to 1766, Sweden established the first freedom of information legislation in the world that grants public access to official documents.

“What is democracy? “, “What are the difference between Sweden and Japan?”, “Are Sweden and Japan taking different approaches to democracy?”, “How democracy influences our societies?”, “Democracy in our daily lives?”

If you have that kind of questions, this event is for you! We welcome Yuji Suzuki from the Embassy of Japan and Tatsuhei Morozumi, a researcher of Youth Policy in Sweden, to the event, and chat about democracy with coffee. Join our Democracy Fika! We look forward to talking to you!

Venue: Online (Zoom)
Contact: Yoko Hasumi