Eritrea: Springtime in Sweden

Table with hands of working people

The Swedish Embassy in Asmara is inviting all alumni in Eritrea to a series of events during the spring of 2021.

Springtime in Sweden is a series of five evenings to celebrate and revive Swedish culture through film, music, photography and networking. Each evening has its own theme and every night aims to reach new alumni and other leaders who have connections to Sweden.
The series starts in February and runs monthly until it culminates on midsummer. The objective is to establish an alumni network or association on the first evening and by early summer build a community of movers and leaders who are Swedish at heart.

Tentative plan for the upcoming events, starting on 8 February.

1. Formation of an alumni association and launch of a booklet about Swedish – Eritrean relations since 1865.
2. Swedish movie night and discussion of gender equality on International Women’s Day.
3. Photo exhibition in partnership with a local gallery and Swedish photographer Sara Appelgren (http//
4. Music influences across octaves and oceans with live or recorded performance.
5. Business partnerships with examples of trade and investment between Sweden and Eritrea, coupled with midsummer celebrations.
Each evening will give opportunities to share memories of Sweden and ideas for future activities.

Time: 8 February 19:30
Venue: The German Cultural Center in Asmara
Register by sending a text to +2917117270