This event is organised by the Sweden Alumni Network Bangladesh and is open to all Sweden alumni.

Plastic free week challenge and Plogging events will be organized together. The purpose is to make people aware of the danger of plastic pollution for the ecological balance on Earth. In addition to create awareness, the attendees will practise and take challenges of avoiding use of disposable plastic goods in the daily life. They will take the challenges of such good practice for at least one week and will also share their experiences and challenges with their friends through digital platform like the Facebook group of the the network. Alumni along with their family members and friends will participate in the event and get engaged in the activities.

Being a densely populated country, Bangladesh has been facing serious environmental threats including plastic pollution which is notorious for the natural ecosystem functioning. So, by creating awareness about plastic pollution and making people self conscious about avoiding plastic goods can contribute achieve sustainable environment in the country.

Preliminary programme:
July 16, 2019: Kick-off event, presentation on plastic pollution given by the relevant experts among the alumni, Giveaway to the participants (gift made of non-plastic product), Lunch

Venue: KMH Building, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000

July 16-21, 2019: Plastic free week challenge event, participants will practice avoiding plastic goods in their daily life and share experiences and challenges through the face book group.

July 22, 2019: Closing event, meet and talk about the challenge, Plogging event to be held in a public park named Shuhrawardi Park adjacent to University of Dhaka, Eco-friendly fika.

Contact and registration: Mohammad Zabed Hossain