Bolivia: Webinar on circular fashion


This webinar is organised by Sweden Alumni Network Bolivia and is open to Sweden Alumni and the general public.

This webinar will cover important topics related to fashion and circular economy and our key speaker will be Emilio Guzmán from SIWI. Check out the program and join us!

9:00 Event Inauguration
Gabriela Pinaya (President Sweden Alumni Network Bolvia)
9:05 Circular economy in the textile area
Jorge Ueyonahara (Circulab-Perú)
9:35 Sustainable fashion in Phillipines
Camile Escudero (SIMP-Filipinas)
10:05 Sustainable fashion in Bolivia
Pamela Alarcón (Fashion Week -Bolivia)
10:35 Timeless fashion: An alternative to the accelerated cosumption
Franca Calmotti (UPSA-Bolivia)
11:05 “¿Sustainabe business? – Urgency to move from promises to action
Emilio Guzmán (SIWI-Suecia)
11:45 Opening of the Online store
Noelia Barea (Event organizer)
12:00 Closing of event
Swedish Embassy representative

Venue: online