This event is organised by Sweden Alumni Network India – Bengaluru Chapter and is open to everyone. 

Welcome to an interactive workshop on ‘Emerging Issues of Migration on Gender’. The event aims to improve one’s sensitivity to the issue of gender among immigrants.

Despite the increasing spontaneity of human movement in a globalized setting accompanied by growing diversification and complexity, there is no single coherent theory of migration. A widely dispersed set of theories has emerged from time to time in the last 100 years, heavily influenced by their respective disciplines like Economics, Geography, Sociology, etc. However, the vast and complex nature of international migration needs a comprehensive theory incorporating a variety of perspectives and assumptions at the micro-level of individuals, the meso-level of family/group and macro-level of village/town/city/nation/foreign countries.
The emergence of a single unifying theory of migration, encompassing linearity of the international labor movement as propounded in the earlier studies starting from Ravenstein, along with its wide diversity complexity, multiplicity and circularity frequently touching reversibility today in a transnational context, is yet to emerge.

Further, the issue of the vast majority of people not moving at all merits serious attention; then migration of females predominantly from an economic point of view and independently of male migration has come to fore recently. Besides, there is a need to highlight the colonial past of many developing countries based on inequality, drain of economic surplus, cultural links, etc. in the post-colonial era generating demand for labor in the developed world. A comprehensive theory of migration may not be possible at present but a meaningful synthesis of theoretical approaches within a multi-disciplinary context is still possible. However the primary migrant and his/her life journey are of pivotal significance as he/she is the decision-maker in any spatial movement.. In the near future, a study focusing on the complex nature of migration will have a salutary effect on its research.

Date: 20 February
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Acharya Institutes, Acharya Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Road Acharya PO, Soladevanahalli, Bangalore-560 107, India
Contact: Maneesh Paul
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