1. Background
  2. SI/Sweden Alumni Networks
  3. Target
  4. Getting certified by the Swedish Institute
  5. Financial support
  6. Supporting documents

1. Background

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a Swedish public agency which supports alumni networks in various ways. The networks contribute to increased knowledge of Sweden, Swedish experience and competences internationally, and support Sweden’s commitments to the UN Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s).

Local alumni networks around the world provide platforms for alumni to connect around a common experience of Sweden and to work together for a better world.

SI:s vision is that alumni…

  • actively contribute for a fair and sustainable global development
  • have a life-long relation to Sweden and to the alumni network

2. SI/Sweden Alumni Networks

SI Alumni Networks are for former Swedish Institute scholarship holders and participants in SI’s leadership programmes. Sweden Alumni Networks, on the other hand, are open for anyone who has studied or carried out research in Sweden. SI alumni can thus be part of both types of networks.

To build a strong membership base, and create good conditions for continuation within the networks, we recommend to start Sweden Alumni Networks.

3. Target

SI/Sweden alumni networks should:

  • be run by alumni for alumni in a democratic, transparent and inclusive way. All alumni should have the chance to contribute, influence and participate.
  • function as a platform where alumni can stay in contact with Sweden, maintain and grow their network to other alumni, and work together for a fair and sustainable development.
  • have a relation to the local Swedish embassy or consulate based on mutual benefit. Swedish embassies/consulates recognise alumni as a resource and make use of the capacity of the network. Alumni support the embassy/consulate to the best of their abilities.

4. Getting certified by the Swedish Institute

If you are running an alumni network with a board, a solid member base and ongoing activities, you can apply to become certified by the Swedish Institute. Getting certified gives the alumni network the right to apply for financial support from SI to organise activities.

An SI or Sweden alumni network can apply to become certified at the beginning of each year. Read more about getting certified here.

5. Financial support

The Swedish Institute offers financial support for certified alumni networks to organise activities from our toolkits, or that are related to the SDG:s or Sweden.


Event toolkits are ready-made activity ideas on topics that are in line with the Swedish Institute’s strategies and goals. The toolkits are meant to make it easier for you to host quality activities within your network.

Find all available toolkits and information about how to apply here.

SDG-related activities

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Certified alumni networks are eligible to apply for funding for an activity which is in line with one or several of the 17 goals. First describe the event idea to the SI Alumni Team in an email (alumni(a) after which you’ll be instructed on how to proceed with an application. A maximum of 12,000 SEK can be applied for.

Sweden-related activities

Support can be granted for activities which relates to Sweden, Swedish culture and language or Swedish experience/expertise within a certain field. First describe the event idea to the SI Alumni Team in an email (alumni(a) after which you’ll be instructed on how to proceed with an application. A maximum of 12,000 SEK can be applied for.

Certified alumni networks are always welcome to contact the SI Alumni Team to discuss any event ideas you may have, even if they do not fall under any of the above categories.

General application instructions and requirements:

  • Only certified alumni networks may apply for financial grants from the Swedish Institute
  • Applications should be submitted by an alumni network board member
  • Applications must be submitted at least five weeks ahead of the planned activity
  • If your network is granted financial support you will be required to send an event report to SI after the activity is completed
  • An alumni network cannot apply for a new grant before the report from a previous grant has been submitted to and approved by SI
  • Plan the alumni activities evenly over the year; for example one event every quarter

Please note!

The alumni network activity grants are not intended to support an individual alumnus/alumna’s company, NGO, non-profit, university etc. The intention is to support original initiatives that alumni develop together and carry out in collaboration with each other.

Activities can however be carried out in collaboration with external partners and may also have other financial contributors.

6. Supporting documents