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On this page you find information and resources to help you set up and run your alumni network and organise activities.


  1. Overview
  2. Select a framework and apply for your alumni activity
  3. Plan your budget and financial report early
  4. Other resources to include in your planning
  5. Submit your activity report
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Alumni networks provide platforms for alumni to connect around a common experience of Sweden and to work together for a better world. The Swedish Institute offers financial support for certified alumni networks to organise activities that are related to the UN’s sustainability goals or Sweden. An SI or Sweden alumni network can apply to become certified at the beginning of each year. Read more about getting certified here. All information about running a certified alumni network can be found in theAlumni Network Manual.

lt is important to know that the financial resources that are dedicated to the alumni networks are from Sweden’s budget for foreign aid. It is thus tax money and there are high demands on the exact use and reporting of the grants.

The purpose of the grant is to support original initiatives that alumni develop together and carry out in collaboration with each other. Activities can be carried out in collaboration with external partners and may also have other financial contributors.

Please note that networks can operate as Sweden/SI alumni networks without being certified by SI, but then they are not eligible to apply for SI funding.

Application requirements:

  • Only certified alumni networks may apply for financial grants.
  • Applications must be submitted by at at least two board members
  • Applications should consider given categories for activites listed below
  • Applications should aim to engage alumni in the activity
  • Budget must follow instructions on what can(not) be included in the planning
  • An application must be submitted 5 weeks prior to the event
  • If you have balance left from previous events, a new application must be made before utilising the current balance
  • If your network is granted financial support, you will be required to send a report to SI after the activity is completed.
  • New applications will not be approved before report from previous grants have been submitted and approved


Select an activity category and apply

To receive funding your activity should follow one out of the three categories Toolkit, SDG activity, Sweden activity. A certified alumni network may apply for up to 30.000 SEK per six months (1 March – 31 August; 1 September – 28 February) and maximum 5 events per year. Before you apply make sure to fulfill the application requirements and have a plan for your budget.

Kindly send one application per activity and at least 5 weeks ahead of the planned date. Note the limited capacity at SI to manage applications 19 July – 31 July, as well as 1 December – 10 January.


Alumni Network Toolkits are ready-made activity ideas on topics that are in line with the Swedish Institute’s strategies and goals. The toolkits are meant to make it easier for you to host quality activities within your network. Application form is found under each toolkit.

SDG activity

Certified alumni networks are eligible to apply for funding for an activity which is in line with one or several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Application form.

Sweden promotion activity

Support can be granted for activities relating to Sweden, Swedish culture and language or Swedish expertise within a certain field.
Application form.

Plan your budget and financial report early

To increase your chances of receiving a grant for your activity – plan in good time and in your application be as specific as possible with the required costs for the event(s).

Avoid cash payments when possible. If you think you will have receipts over 5000 SEK that is in cash –send this with your budget in the application with a motivation.

Once you have had your activity, verify your actual costs for the event by collecting reciepts and sending in not more than 5 photos of the event.

Account for all the receipts in English in the budget and finance template (further down the page). Mention all currency in SEK. If you have several events connected to an activity, make sure to verify each event.  

What can be included in the activity budget:

  • Venue with suitable equipment for your activity
  • Catering – food and drinks
  • Payment for external speakers
  • Travel costs for alumni outside of bigger cities
  • Photographer
  • Workshop material such as post it, pens etc
  • Communication (printing/designing of posters, banners, SoMe ads, web, digital banners and similar) can constitute no more than 20% of the budget.
  • Online activity: grant is reserved mainly for speaker fees.
  • If there is a transaction fee from your bank to receive the grant you can add this to your budget and it does not have to be within the limits of the grant

What cannot be included in the activity budget:

  • Honorarium/salaries for alumni organisers and volunteers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Goodie bags with gifts for participants at events, exceeding 100 SEK/goodie bag
  • Outsourcing of organisation of activity to external consultants 
  • One-time items such as t-shirts that are branded with a specific event logo or similar (environmental perspective)
  • Prizes for winners in contests over 250 SEK and never any cash as prize (tax regulation in Sweden)
  • Fees intended to support an individual alumni’s company, NGO, non-profit, university etc.
Creative team-work
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Other resources to include in your planning

Increasing your impact and visibility

In order to reach out with your activity Swedish Institute can in some instances help you connect to the networks in your country. The intention is to support first and foremost new networks with limited access to alumni in the country.

SI also encourages networks to co-organise activities together with Swedish Embassies and consulates to increase reach out and impact of your event. The support from Embassies may depend on their resources and availability at a given time. Contact if you need support in establishing contact with your local Embassy or Consulate.

To ensure visibility, publish your granted alumni activity in the SI event calendar; before the activity takes place. The calendar gathers all alumni activities arranged by SI or Sweden alumni networks, the Swedish Foreign Missions or the Swedish Universities.

Online platform

The pandemic have shifted many activities online. Certified alumni networks have access to Zoom-accounts allowing up to 500 participants/event. SI also provides access to a Confetti account for easier management of digital invitations.

Code of conduct and Guidelines for Communication

As organisers of an alumni events, physical or online, you are expected to ensure that all members and activities adher to the SI Code of Conduct and SI Code of Conduct for Social Media. Organisers must make sure to follow SI Guidelines for Communication.

Sweden Alumni Network Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is a website developed for board members of certified alumni networks where you can find all information resources you need for managing an alumni network such as activity guidelines, reporting instructions, manuals, and digital tools.

All board members of certified networks are invited by email to the Resource Hub after the certification process has been finalised. To get access you need to connect your email address to a Microsoft account. This is done just once. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email if you have trouble accessing the Resource Hub.

Submit your activity report

You are the cornerstones in SI’s alumni work! What you report is what we report back to the Swedish Government and what we communicate to stakeholders. Without you we wouldn’t have any activities. Your reporting matters!

The financial resources funding alumni activities come from Sweden’s foreign aid budget. Thus, it is tax money and the exact use and reporting of these grants is therefore crucial.

If you received funding from SI, you need to report back two week after each alumni activity has taken place. You cannot apply for a new grant before the report of a previous grant has been submitted to and approved by SI.

Reporting includes following components:

  • Achievements of activity goals
  • Participant list (see Participant list template 2021)
  • Final programme of the event (as sent out to members and other participants)
  • 3- 5 pictures verifying the event
  • Budget and final expenses of the event, including copies of receipts (see Budget and financial reporting template 2021)
  • Current balance
  • Link to any video clips of the event
  • Links/copies of any media coverage and/or social media posts
  • Feedback and comments

Submission of activity report


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Toolkits for certified Alumni networks
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