Why get certified?

  • You can apply for financial support to hold events throughout the year
  • You get access to the SI Alumni Network Toolkits (ready made activity ideas)
  • You establish a closer connection between your network and SI
  • It is a great way for you to review the structure of your network and to boost and mobilise your members
  • One person from the board gets to travel to Stockholm to take part in the Alumni Leaders Meeting with the Swedish Institute
  • Board members can request an official reference letter from SI on your engagement, to add to your CV

What do you need to get certified?

  • Have a solid member base (a list or database with at least 25 members residing in the country)
  • Hold an annual meeting where the board is democratically appointed
  • Have a board with at least three appointed members (Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Cashier)
  • One person of the board should be appointed cashier and her/his bank details should be shared with SI for grant payments
  • Have a communications platform where you can reach your members (Facebook, Linkedin, a website, or any other channel you think suits your local network). Find our Facebook Code of Conduct here.
  • Have a vision or strategy for what you want to accomplish within your network, including a brief plan for activities for the coming year (we suggest 4-5 activities evenly spread out over the year, both toolkits and SDG-related)
  • Send in the yearly report to the Swedish Institute describing and evaluating last year’s activities
  • All board members must be aware of, and committed to complying with the Code of Conduct that applies to all certified alumni networks. Democracy, inclusiveness, gender balance and sustainability must characterize the work of the network.

Note that all certifications need to be renewed on a yearly basis and deadline to send in all required documents is 10 February 2020. All certificates expire on 1 March every year. Questions? Contact us at alumni@si.se.

Before you get certified we also advice you to have a look in the Alumni Network Brand Guide on how to work with logos and communication for your network. Download the brand guide here.

Get certified!

How to: step by step

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements mentioned above
  2. Hold an annual meeting to choose a board. Use this toolkit if you want to get financial support (but make sure to apply at least five weeks before you hold the meeting, to make sure you get the grant in time). Save the meeting notes from the meeting to attach with your certification application.
  3. Appoint a person to be economically responsible (cashier) and fill out the bank form
  4. If you were certified the past year, fill out the yearly report
  5. Fill out the certification application form and attach the yearly report, bank form and annual meeting notes (template available in the toolkit) and list of members. Note that the application deadline for 2020 has passed.